About Us

About Us

The ELA Recycling Corporation has worked in the field of collecting and recycling deposit containers since 2001. The corporation is a not for profit organization to promote the recycling of drink containers in the state of Israel and to supply services to manufacturers and importers to aid them in meeting their obligations under the deposit law.
The ELA Recycling Corporation is owned by Israel's beverage manufacturers and operates in order to –

  • Collect drink containers requiring deposits with a volume of up to a 1.5 liter and bring them to recycling.
  • Supply the means of collecting family size plastic bottles (with a volume of a 1.5 liter or over) by placing recycling facilities in coordination with the local municipalities (clearing away the bottles from the recycling facilities and taking them to be recycled is performed by the local municipalities through subcontractors).

Parallel to this and at all times the corporation works to educate, promote and assimilate the subject of recycling among all citizens and specifically among students in the various educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, yeshivas, colleges, and so on), all with the purpose of maximizing recycling and enhancing awareness of its importance.

The recycling corporation collects about 2.5 million drink containers requiring deposits, the collection is performed by a fleet of trucks from all parts of the country, the containers are transported to one of the corporation's two processing centers and undergo a preparation process before their transfer to the recycling plants (plastic, glass, iron and aluminum) as raw materials for industry.

For the convenience of the public, institutions and businesses, the recycling corporation offers various collection channels for the return of drink containers and receiving the deposit fees:

Collection services

Collection services from customers

Collection services for thousands of educational institutions, various IDF units, households, institutions and organizations, such as: government offices, coffeeshop and restaurant chains, factories, high tech companies, and the management offices of large banks.

Municipal recycling stations

Municipal recycling stations

National deployment of municipal recycling stations from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona, where drink containers may be returned and deposit fees received.


Supermarkets and grocery stores

National deployment of supermarkets providing service for receiving the drink containers and returning the deposit fees.

Automatic machines

Automatic machines

Automatic machines are placed in dozens of grocery stores and supermarkets, where drink containers can be returned for a refund of deposit fees.

ELA recycling corporation


The shareholders at ELA are the beverage manufacturers:

In March 2011 the antitrust court extended the permit granted to the drink containers collection corporation Ltd. to operate as a cartel for 5 more years.

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