Businesses According to the Deposit Law every branch of supermarket or business selling drinks included in the deposit law is obligated to return the deposit fee to the consumer, with a limit of up to 50 drink containers (it should be stated that among other definitions of the law, this includes businesses and grocery stores larger than 28 square meters).

If the public is met with refusal, it is possible to contact the public appeals center at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Telephone number – 02-6495803/4
Email –

Notice for supermarket chains

The collection corporation pays encouragement fees and/or handling fees at a cumulative rate of up to 0.07 ILS per container on average to supermarket chains who deliver over 60,000 drink containers a month from all of their branches together, and/or chains who deliver at least 2,500 drink containers in a single pick up to the corporation's transporters. For details please contact the corporation, Mali Hoch, email address: or by telephone at: 03-5101999 extension 9.