Community centers and youth movements

Community centers

Community centers Community centers which serve as communal, social, and cultural centers can also constitute centers for environmental activity. The ELA Recycling Corporation invites community centers and clubs to take part in the activity of recycling drink bottles. The recycling connects to any social and creative activity, to multigenerational and cultural activity, joining is easy and the activity is educational and helps the environment.

…The community center also has drink containers who have finished their role and belong in the recycling bin.

How to join?

It's simple and easy,
Register as a customer of the ELA Recycling Corporation, collect drink containers and enjoy the deposit fees (0.30 ILS for each container requiring a deposit fee – cans, plastic and glass bottles smaller than 1.5 liter), the deposit fees are transferred directly to the community center's bank account.

A community center which recycles drink containers can receive a designated collection facility.

Youth movements

Community centers The ELA Recycling Corporation sees the utmost importance in increasing awareness and intensifying recycling efforts among teenagers and children – the agents of change that can ensure a greener future.

The corporation operates in national projects in all educational institutions and encourages this activity in the informal educational systems as well, which is the youth movements.

The youth movements will engage in preserving environmental values – collecting drink containers requiring deposits for recycling and will receive the deposit fees – 0.30 ILS for each container requiring a deposit fee – cans, plastic and glass bottles smaller than 1.5 liter, (the deposit fees will be transferred directly to the customer's bank account).

This activity will grant youngsters the tools and means of learning, and the personal experience of collecting and sorting for recycling. The youth will form an identity of environmental responsibility and bring these values home, influencing their surroundings.

Unique to the youth movements

We invite the youth movements to build a joint program with us, to encourage drink container recycling activities in youth group tribes, branches, divisions and so on.