Small bottles and cans (deposit)

A number of possibilities for receiving the deposit fees

1. The recycling corporation's collection services

The ELA Recycling Corporation enables you to join up as a customer is a simple and easy way! The service is provided free of cost, but is conditional on the collection of a minimum number of drink containers. For additional details and registration contact the service center at 1-700-700-310.


All you need to do:
1. Fill out the communication form according to the instructions:

Download collectors' form Download form for institutions and organizations Download form for educational institutions Download form for businesses Download form for IDF units Download form for customer returning to activity Download single package procedure form

2. Fax the filled out form to the customer service center, at fax number 03-7602743.
3. Within a few business days, the corporation's service representatives will contact you to provide you with a customer number and assist you as needed.
4. Start collecting recyclable drink containers according to procedures and the deposit fees will be transferred directly to you. (To receive a password you may contact the customer service center at 1-700-700-310). Through the "personal reports" system you can inspect the total number of containers you have transferred to the corporation up to the date of the report's production including deviations.

2. Municipal recycling stations

The corporation has 21 municipal recycling stations intended to provide a readily available and convenient response to customers without limiting the number of drink containers. Transfer the drink container requiring deposit to one of the municipal recycling stations nearest your place of residence and receive the deposit fee in cash (0.30 ILS per drink container).

Please note:
- To receive fast and efficient service, please sort the containers by type: glass bottles, plastic bottles, and drink cans.
- You may return up to 2,000 drink containers at the center. When delivering 1,000 containers or more, you must present an ID card.
- When returning a quantity exceeding 500 containers you must arrive at least one hour before closing time.
- In most municipal recycling stations there is a one hour lunch break.
- You must receive the updated hours of operation from the station or the customer service center (1-700-700-310).

3. Supermarket and grocery store chains

Every branch of supermarket or business selling drinks included in the deposit law is obligated to return the deposit fee to the consumer, with a limit of up to 50 drink containers (it should be stated that among other definitions of the law, this includes businesses and grocery stores larger than 28 square meters).

If the public is met with refusal, it is possible to contact the public appeals center at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Public appeals contact details – Ministry of Environmental Protection:

Notice for supermarket chains

The collection corporation pays encouragement fees and/or handling fees at a cumulative rate of up to 0.07 ILS per container on average to supermarket chains who deliver over 60,000 drink containers a month from all of their branches together, and/or chains who deliver at least 2,500 drink containers in a single pick up to the corporation's transporters.

For details please contact the corporation, Mali Hoch, email address: or by telephone at: 03-5101999 extension 9.

4. Automatic machines

The recycling corporation has placed automatic collection machines in dozens of businesses, where recyclable containers can be brought in and exchanged for a voucher for the business where the machine is placed.

The cycle of a drink container requiring deposit

Prior to the implementation of the Deposit Law, the route passed by drink containers was one way. From the plant to the consumer and into the trash... today things are different!

Thanks to operational efficiency and increasing consumer awareness about 2.5 million drink containers requiring deposit are recycled every day.

1. Drink containers are sold to consumers and a deposit of 0.30 ILS is charged for them.
2. Drink manufacturers / importers charge businesses 0.30 ILS deposit fee for each drink container.
3. The deposit fees are included in the price of the drink.
4. The consumer returns the empty drink container to the business or municipal recycling station and receives his deposit fee back (0.30 ILS).
5. The recycling corporation collects the drink containers from the various collection spots (from its customers and from municipal recycling stations) and transports then to the processing centers it operates.
6. At the ELA Recycling Corporation's processing centers there is a process of unloading, control, entering data, sorting drink containers by type of material, and their preparation for transfer as raw materials to the recycling industries.