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    Recycling of family plastic bottles

    Join the Recycling Revolution! Collect your family plastic bottles (1.5 liters) and throw them into cycles, recycling facilities scattered throughout the country.

    Glass and wine bottles, plastic bottles and cans that require a deposit

    Thanks to operational efficiency and consumer awareness that is increasingly recycled each day over 2.5 million beverage containers that must be in a deposit. Also join the Recycle Revolution!

    Additional year of recycling activity-2018

    Over 1,100 educational institutions recycle bottles
    16,000-Puter has been installed throughout the country since the amendment (early 2010)
    About 770 million deposit bins are returned to the end of the fourth quarter of 2018.
    More than 23,000 are scattered around the country

    Urban Recycling Station Site


    פעילות המיחזור במוסדות החינוך לשנת תשע”ט